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CAS AN 101
Lia Calhoun

Anthro Notes: Review 12.10.13 You can use lists sometimes It is cumulative - Mostly focused on things after midterm More multiple choice… Fill in the blanks Short answers shorter T and F More things to answer Culture - We learn what is important about a particular culture or notice differences when we look at cultures in comparisons to each other Cohertive study? Kinship terms - Know which anthropologist studied who, what, and where - Know what terms mean Peru lady - Said that systems put down people more than they put down themselves - Impoverished people, poverty rolls over on itself Turner, Social Skin article - Different Kayapo way of clothes - Which parts of the body holds different meaning - Body painting, nature into culture - Know different types of showing culture through body - Who has long hair and who has short hair - Babies have long hair, still an extension of their mother o No longer breastfeeding, cut their hair o Social meaning more than personal meaning - Women and men cut their hair for different events in their life - When someone dies, puberty o Big changes o Starting a new social relation in their life o ATransition state o Any new hair that grows related to new social state Specific time periods in which time needs to be cut - Need to know Important concepts of the movie Swapping: - Acoping mechanism for being poor - Helping each other for the betterment of society - Goods or services - Constructed a network of kin - Culture of poverty - Idea, Oscar Lewis, if a culture has a lot of poverty, their culture is at fault and keeps them in the cycle of poverty o Female headed o Family system  Network of swapping Mauss’s argument - People
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