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Boston University
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Tammy Vigil

What is Communication? Updated Sep 10, 2013 [different than what we use to communicate] Defining Communication Different people have different approaches. Someone interested in technology, interpersonal communication, etc has different perspective. 1. Communication is a Process • Communication is a process/an action… something you do • A piece of communication is an object… something you can have An email is a piece of communication (object) that communicates (action) ideas A conversation is communication (action) as it occurs; a transcript of the conversation is a piece of communication (object); the transcript communicates (action) as it is being read • Communication v. Communications Transactional Model of Communication -Model itself isn't perfect and not everything has a defined character -a definition is meaningless unless there is a limit to it • Sender and Receiver • Idea/Concept (get into someone's brain) • Media/Channel (how it's exchange) • Enc
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