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Lecture 20

CAS IR 349 Lecture 20: Global War and the Intervention of the Superpowers

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International Relations
CAS IR 349
William Keylor

Lecture 20: Global War and the Intervention of the Superpowers The Failure of Barbarossa Germany Attacks the USSR (June 22, 1941) The Beginning of the Holocaust o In the summer and autumn of 1941, mobile killing squads (Einsatzgruppen) accompany the German army as it advances deep into Russian territory, executing Bolshevik political officials and Jews o After the failure to take Moscow, a high level Nazi conference at Wannsee near Berlin in January 1942 planned the organized extermination of Jews in death camps Failure to Take Moscow Barbarossa Logistics o My best generals are General December, General January, and General February ~Joseph Stalin Referring to the winter snow conditions that would protect them The US Economy on A Wartime Footing By 1942, a third of the nations economic activity was war related By 1943, Federal spending alone exceeded the total production of the entire 1933 economy Twelve million men left production and their homes to go to war Lend-Lease Act The Grand Alliance: Growing Tensions The Alliance of the English-Speaking Peoples The 2nd Front & Tensions German Spring Offensive for Oil (Spring 1942) o The German army resumed its offensive, driving toward the Caucasus region with its oil fields o They were stopped at Stalingrad on the Volga The North African Diversion September 1940: Italian forces invade Egypt from Libya Spring 1941: Hitler sends German armored divisions under General Erwin Rommel to rescue retreating Italian armies October 1942: British 8th army, under General Bernard L. Montegomery, drive west from El Alemein, only 70 miles from Alexandria, and expel Rommels divisions from Egypt Operation Torch (November 1942) o Anglo-American landing in North Africa Sicily Occupied (July-August 1943) o September 1943: Invasion of Italian mainland Mussolini overthrown but later reinstalled in north by Germans The Big Three Meet for the First Time o Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill in Teheran, Iran o Topics Discussed (November 28 - December 1, 1943) Roosevelt and Churchill pledge second front in 1944 Stalin pledges to enter war against Japan in due course Stalin presses for sphere of influence in Eastern Europe
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