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Common Sense and Personality Notes

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CAS PH 100
Ian Blaustein

Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, selection 10/28 Lecture Notes * Reid * Scottish philosopher professor in the 18th C * Philosophy after the 18th C was written by professors at universities * Founder of Scottish Common Sense Philosophy * Founded "common sense" * There are things we clearly know, and these are the things we should start with. * Identity is a relation between two things separated by time. * "Identity supposes an uninterpreted continuance of existence" (229) * Evidence of Personal Identity vs. Basis of Personal Identity * Similarity * Memory * You're the same person you were then because you remember it. * You remember something that already existed. 10/31 Lecture Notes * Child, Officer, and General. * General remembers being young lieutenant. * General is identical with lieutenant due to memory. * Lieutenant remembers being whipped as a child in school. * Lieutenant is identical with child due to memory. * General can't remember being child. * Locke's theory:General cannot be identical with child since he has no recollection of being the child. * Transitivity of identity states: if G is identical with O and O is identical with C, then G is identical with C. * Reid believes Locke would accept this. * Locke's definitions * Person: To have consciousness. * Personal Identity: Continuity of consciousness. * Reid's definitions * Person: To be a thing that has consciousness. * Personal Identity: To be a thing that has consciousness. 11/2 Lecture Notes * Copy machine makes a copy of you. * How could the copy know they are a copy? * What belongs to the copy? (clothes? Significant others?) * Personal identity on applies to original copy
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