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Lecture 11

PS101 Lecture 11 (Chapter 7 cont.)

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Boston University
Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Barry Grant

Personality Tests aptitude goes to potential more than knowledge intelligence, aptitude, achievement tests. Validity Reliability: consistency of the test and results Basic Questions Normal distribution graph Intellectual disability: 70- IQ Giftedness: 130+ IQ Laypersons’Conceptions of Intelligence Verbal Intelligence: ● Speaks clearly and articulately ● Is verbally fluent ● Is knowledgeable about a particular field ● Reads with high comprehension Practical Intelligence: ● Sees all aspects of a problem ● Sizes up situations well ● Makes good decisions ● Poses problems in an optimal way Social Intelligence: ● Accepts others for what they are ● Has social conscience ● Thinks before speaking and doing ● Is sensitive to other people’s needs and desires Binet’s Breakthrough ● The Binet Tests ○ Mental age (MA): measure of an individual’s level of mental development relative to others ○ Intelligence quotient (IQ): person’s mental age divided by chronological age, multiplied by 100 ■ Mental age IQ = -------------------------- x 100 Chronological age Wechsler’s Innovations ● WechslerAdult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) ○ Preschool, 6 - 16,Adult ○ Eleven subscales: ■ Verbal IQ ■ Performance IQ Factor analysis
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