ARBC 106b Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Leukemia

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15 Dec 2019
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leukaemia of the 36on age it of face banal somewhat a nevertheless is biography,
which in exhausted not of recounting the facts simple these. the is Essentially, it a of
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aspiration of develop to beings beings human as, their practice in reduce lives everyday
vehicles to them abstract an for the in increase force labour productive set development’
as and ‘systems the in forth the of agendas System Economic New Developed the and of
System Social and scientific Socialism. The has revolution technological fetish a
become, self the leaving-to individual determining the by fall is this wayside. All an in
narrated of mode intricate nevertheless that presentation to seeks never flashbacks
modishinterweaving be, other and anticipation, dreams, reflection the serving devices
of interest narrative several with reflections meaning of layers.
Christa with
Along of number Wolf, a and younger other authors recent more mid the from-also
onwards 1960s in questionsalbeit posed radical less a Wolf than way. the included
These how of questions live should one, what under and human the conditions as
evolved being animal moral a. shifted effectively This question ethical an, the in rooted
inter or subjective-the level, to subjective literature of centre, how just highlighting had
writers far the since come the of agenda and Way Bitterfeld revolutionary proletarian the
included authors tradition.
These such of writers themes varying widely, and quality aesthetic as stringency
ideological Jakobs ( Karl-Heinz 1961; Wellm 1971), Alfred Heiduczek ( 1968),
Werner 1968; Morgner Irmtraud 1971), and ( deal works 1968). These and romantic with
relationships inter-personal other, with concerned questions finding and upbringing
obstacles identity, the an driving and to human behind forces successful with self-
realisation, and adaptation failed or in life to society given a.
important most The this to contributions tendency literary new Günter by were novel
Bruyn. His de in published the with 1961, deals of courses disparate two of development
the from friends of days final into war the post early the-
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