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Lecture 12

HIST 80B Lecture 12: Late Qing Lecture Notes

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Brandeis University
James Heyward

Late Qing Lecture Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895) The treaty between China and Japan quickly led to the Triple Intervention. The Open Door Policy by the United States demanded that trade be open with China and that the country not be partitioned by the Great Powers. The result is the formation of spheres of influence, rather than partitions. The French maintained influence in southern China, while the Russians in northern China. Qing after the Sino-Japanese War The destroyed Summer Palace was rebuilt under the orders of the now retired Empress Cixi during the Self-Strengthening Movement. The Emperor increasingly went under the influence of Kang Youwei after China's defeat in the war. Kang Youwei and Ito Hirobumi sought to introduce Meiji-style reforms into China. On the day that Ito was to become a key figure in the court, the Empress staged a coup that arrested the Emperor and executed Ito. The retired Empress retook power as Regent, and supported the Boxers. Boxer Rebellion The Boxer Rebellion was a northern, anti-West movement backed by the Qing government. In the summer of 1900, the Boxers sieged the Legation Quarters in an attempt to starve the foreigners out. Of the Nine Nations, Japan sent the largest force and the Empress was forced to flee the palace. The resulting Boxer Protocol created the Boxer Indemnity, seeking both to weaken the Qing economy, a
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