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James Hildebrand

The University of Western Ontario London Canada Department of Philosophy Philosophy 212 (001) UW – Introduction to Logic L. Falkenstein Mid-Year Test Wednesday, December 14, 2011 3 hours 7:00pm, EC 2155 Closed Book Page one of two pages Answer All Questions 1. Define the following: 5% a. Logical inconsistency b. Truth functional inconsistency c. Modal inconsistency d. Converse of a conditional, P ⊃ Q e. Dual of □~P and of ~(P v ~Q) 2. Which of the following is the contradictory of ~P ⊃ Q? Is it possible for a sentence to have more than one contradictory? 2% a. P ⊃ Q b. ~~P ⊃ Q c. P ⊃ ~Q d. ~(P ⊃ ~Q) e. ~(~P ⊃ Q) 3. For each of the following, circle T if the sentence is true or F if the sentence is false. 4% T F a. Every argument whose conclusion is logically true is valid. T F b. Every argument with true premises and a true conclusion is valid. T F c. Every sound argument has a true conclusion. T F d. Every pair of true sentences is a pair of logically equivalent sentences. 4. For each of the following, indicate if it is the sort of sentence that can be translated into SL or MSL. If it cannot, explain why not. If it can, translate it, being sure to indicate which sentences your sentence letters abbreviate, and to symbolize truth- functionally or modally compound sentences of English sentences as compound sentences of SL or MSL. 6% a. The track is muddy, and, although Bright Horse is favored to win, it is possible he won’t. b. Either leave or get to work. c. We’ll have a flood in the basement if that pipe doesn’t stop leaking. d. Jazz is b
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