HSC 520 Lecture 2: Feb 1 notes

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Health Science
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HSC 520
Mark Cwiek

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Feb 1 2017 HSC520 VOCAB Habit 5 think about stories of lady that did poorly at work and was going to get fired instead she explained her case and they made efforts to make things better for her fee for service- provide service you get paid for it. same with product- how most things are handled in life. caregivers get paid for the services they render. but now, costs are difficult to keep under control in our country. so now, different ways of paying people have come about 1965-medicare was first implemented cost plus basis- add 2% to what the hospital would charge prospective payment- DRG-statistical system of classifying any inpatient stay into groups for the purposes of payment. decided possible diagnoses into more than 20 major body systems and then subdivides them into 500 groups for the purpose of medicare reimbursement ex: case management (util Mgt)- usually well trained nurses that works with the doctors and families. is anyone going to be at home to help them after their surgeries? can a physical therapist go to their house? can they get into a rehab facility? get them in, take good care of them and then push them onto a different step in c
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