HDF 110 Lecture 6: Thursday March 16 notes

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Human Development & Family
HDF 110

Thursday March 16 notes • The achievement gap explained o The disparate educational outcomes of whites, Asians, blacks, Latinos, and native Americans o Public education in US depends heavily on local property taxes ▪ Inequalities in housing values-> inequalities in schools ▪ Widespread racial housing segregation, concentration of black and Latino families in impoverished inner cities and flight of middle class white families to wealthier suburbs o 1. Parental socioeconomic status (education, income, and wealth) is not distributed evenly in US ▪ differences in family income explain: • about 1/3 of the test score gap between blacks and whites • nearly all of the differences in college completion rates o 2. Tracking ▪ internal segregation:schools are internally segregated • students are placed in different classes based on ability groups or tracks o white students being the most likely to be in the more advanced classes o non-white students more likely to be placed in low-ability groups o 3. Social and cultural capital ▪ social capital • relationships and networks that students have (who you know) • ex. knowing many people who have had educational success ▪ cultural capital • cultural resources aa student has at his/her disposal (what you know) • ex: growing up knowing the norms values and cultural knowledge valued in school • Health Inequalities o What explains health disparities? ▪ Biology? Genetics? Socioeconomic factors? ▪ Genetic explanations • Profit potential: designing personalized medicine to cure o Myths of “black” diseases ▪ Ex: sickle cell disease believed to be a black disease ▪ Common where malaria is common (parts of Africa, Europe, Oceania, India, the Middle East) o Socioeconomic status (SES) ▪ Health disparities are linked to SES ▪ People with higher income live longer, healthier lives ▪ African Americans do not experience the same health gains as wh
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