WGS 328 Lecture 16: WGS 328-Notes for 4:19:17

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Women and Gender Studies
WGS 328
Tara Mcarthy

WGS 328 Liberals and Radicals, Feminism in the 1960s Civil Rights Act of 1964: o Banning discrimination in all public accommodations (getting rid of Jim Crow) o Enforcementauthorized justice department to bring law suits against any states that discriminated against women and minorities o Title 7protections based on race, religion, national origin, and sex Liberal Feminism: o Also called Womens Rights Feminismthey generally are asking for individual rights, equality of opportunity, protection of civil liberties, economic justice o Tends to focus on individual rights and gaining or protecting rights through the political system o Liberal and Left ARE NOT THE SAME! (Nor is Radical and Left) o Radicals want to fundamentally change the system NOW: o Founded in mid 60s1966 to be exact o After Kennedy appointed the group to study the womenBetty Friedan and a group of women announced the founding of NOW o Purpose: to take action to bring American women into full participation of mainstream society NOW! o Was formal and hierarchical o Still around todaymany young people are not in this group today because it doesnt seem to relate to today o In 66 they asked for:
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