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Brain vasculature, external carotid arteries, internal carotid system, vertebrobasilar system

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Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

15 October Stroke – cerebral vascular accident (CVA) Basically, heart attack except in brain Off of subclavian arteries → left and right vertebral arteries Head directly to brain, some spinal cord Common carotid arteries – head and brain Split ~C4 External carotids – head, face, neck Internal carotids – brain External carotid arteries Superior thyroids – thyroid gland, neck region, larynx Lingual – tongue (follows twelfth cranial nerve) Facial – face, muscles of expression Left and right form extensive anastomoses with each other Lingual and facial can come off as single trunk before splitting Occipital – posterior scalp External carotid terminates as Superficial temporal – scalp Maxillary – upper and lower arcades of teeth, nasal cavity, oral cavity, muscles of mastication Middle meningeal branch – dura mater Pterion region – bone thin here; sphenoid, temporal, parietal come together Hit can lacerate middle meningeal – bleeding Space occupying lesion – compromises brain
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