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Urogenital system, mesentary, omentum, nerve supply to GI, path of food, glands

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Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

28 September Urogenital system only partially covered by peritoneum Retroperitoneal Peritoneum does not have to be entered for surgery on UG organs (kidneys, bladder, ureters, &c.) Mesentary – double fold of peritoneum, suspends gut from wall Provides route for vessels (arteries, veins), nerves Type of peritoneum Omentum – double fold of peritoneum Greater – overlies abdominal viscera, facilitates movement of gut along wall Runs from greater curvature of stomach to transverse colon Supplied with lymphatic tissue Lesser omentum – between stomach and liver GI system viscera primarily resides in true abdominal cavity Most organs of UG system reside in pelvic cavity Nerve supply Autonomic nervous system Smooth muscle and glandular tissue Parasympathetic (involved in energy conservation) Cranial nerve X – Vagus Down to descending colon S2 – S4 – rest of GI system Sympathetic (energy consuming) Blood vessel (smooth muscle) innervation Path of food Oral cavity → pharynx → esophagus (both skeletal and smooth muscle. Peristaltic action) → Runs through diaphragm (c
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