Activity of VSMC in atherosclerosis, Fick's Law, fluid movement, Starling Equation, capillary pressure, colloid osmotic pressure

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Biomedical Science
BMS 420
Charles Miller

12 September List of major objectives by Friday Quiz on Monday 10 questions worth total of 10 points 90% or above - +6 80 – 89.5 - +4 Test on Friday 21 st 30 – 40 questions MC/short answer Not more than 3 short answer Activity of VSMC (in atherosclerosis) Migration Proliferation Become foam cells Only about 1% are affected by growth factors to do so Fick’s Law Flux: amount of solute moving across capillary wall/time Mass Flow (Q) = S x P x ([x] – [Xc ) if S = Surface area Px= D /x = permeability coefficient a = wall thickness; D = diffusion coefficient [X]c– concentration in capillary [X]if concentration in interstitial fluid Capillary can thicken with edema Fluid Movement Capillary → interstitial spaces → lymphatic system Filtration related to hydrostatic and osmotic pressure imbalances 2 – 4 L filtered per day by lymph 180,000 L movement per day Starling Equation JV= L [PP – C ) –if (π – πC)] if Where J V rate of fluid flow L P filtration coefficient P = pressure C = capillary if = interstitial fluid σ = reflection coefficient to proteins (σ = 1 (no passage)) Filtration = movement from capillary to tissue Absorption = movement from tissue to capillary LPand σ L and σ differ between tissues P L Ps index of ability to conduct water Discontinuous capillaries show highest L and Powest σ Continuous capillaries show lowest L and highest σ (brain is extreme example)
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