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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

25 September Learning Exercise #33 Humans require cholesterol in their: A. Body B. Diet C. A and B D. Neither A not B Learning Objective What is “cholesterol”? Animal sterol Lipid Solid at room temperature Whitish Waxy Insoluble in water Learning Exercise #34 A vegan-vegetarian, having no animal cholesterol in their diet, will: *A. Manufacture more cholesterol in their body than non-vegetarians B. Have much less cholesterol in their blood and body cells than non- vegetarians C. Have no cholesterol in their body D. Have only vegetable-cholesterol in their body E. B and D only Learning Objective How do we get cholesterol in our body? Made by body cells Consumed in the diet 0.3 grams of cholesterol ingested per day 55% absorbed – 0.16 gram Body synthesizes 0.7 grams daily 19% or less of cholesterol in body comes from diet Learning Objective Explain why in any one normal, healthy human; a relatively steady level of cholesterol in the blood and tissues is maintained, even after large amounts of cholesterol in food are occasionally ingested. “Homeostasis”
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