Innate immunity, pathogens, extracellular infections, intracellular infections, adherence to epithelium, barriers, PAMPs, complement

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

4 FebruaryThe big picture why we need innate immunityHumans carry 2 Kg microbes mainly bacteria in digestive system and 200 Gm on outer surfacesThe expansion and differentiation of effector cells from the acquired immune response takes 35 days to generatePathogens can replicate substantially during this time and therefore the immune system needs a rapid response to contain the infection until the acquired response can be generatedClasses of pathogensWormsProtozoaFungiBacteriaVirusesPrionsInnate immunity immediate 04 hours infectionrecognition by preformed nonspecific and broadly specific effectorsremoval or infectious agentEarly induced innate response early 496 hours infectionrecruitment of effector cells monocytes neutrophils dendritic cellsrecognition of PAMPS activation of effector cells and inflammationremoval of infectious agentAdaptive immune response late 96 hours infectiontransport of antigen to lymphoid organsrecognition by nave B and T cellsclonal expansion and differentiation to effector cellsremoval of infectious agentDifferent pathogens affect different mucosal surfacesMouth and respiratory tractinhalation or ingestion of infective material eg saliva droplets spores
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