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Lecture 3

PSY 260 Lecture 3: Sensation and Perception

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PSY 260
John Adams

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● Sensation and Perception ○ Sensation - occurs when a sensory system detects a stimulus ■ Babies attend to everything at first, they’re learning what’s important ○ Perception - the mental processing and interpretation of sensory information ● How Can We Tell What Babies Sense? ○ Coding - facial responses, cries, head turns ○ Habituation - demonstrating signs of being used to and comfortable around a stimulus, signifies recognition ● Hearing ○ Already acute at birth, will turn head to sounds and can pinpoint sound sources very early ○ Hearing checked at hospitals in North America and Europe for sake of early intervention ○ Kangaroo care works partially because of being able to hear heartbeat ● Sight ○ Newborns are legally blind, have a 4 to 30 inch focus range ○ Babies start smiling die to perception at 2 months ○ Colors - newborns see dulled colors initially but have adult level perception of color by 4 months ○ Binocular vision develops between 2 and 4 months, improves depth perception ● Touch ○ Holding babies helps them relax; even stroking an arm softly will reduce heart rate ○ Pain ■ Sugar appears to be a possible anesthe
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