Variable penetrance, variable expressivity, sex-influenced traits

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Colorado State University
Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

12 September Incomplete Dominance cr Crème gene in horses has 2 alleles: C and C CC = sorrel (chestnut) C C = cremello Heterozygote CC = Palomino Variable Penetrance Trait is not expressed at all in some individuals while others with the same genotype do express trait Example: Rb gene and retinoblastoma Rb Gene and Retinoblastoma Rb gene in normal unmutated state helps regulate cell cycle Most individuals have normal RbRb genotype Children born with one mutated rb version of gene have 90% chance of developing retinoblastoma by age 5 10% of Rb individuals do not develop retinoblastoma The mutated rb allele is 90% penetrant Variable Expressivity Trait is expressed in different amounts or intensities in different individuals with the
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