Middle repeat sequences, high-repeat DNA, telomeres, C0T

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Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

7 October Middle Repeat Sequences Repeated up to several thousand times per genome Includes genes for histone proteins, rRNA, tRNA Sequences may be grouped in tandem (genes coding for two rRNA components of ribosome) Dispersed sequences may be transposons Some middle repeat DNA is transcribed High-Repeat DNA Short sequences (5 to 35 bp) duplicated up to a million times in genome Concentrated as tandem repeats around centromere and telomere (= heterochromatin) Some high-repeat DNA scattered as blocks of “spacer DNA” throughout genome May occasionally be transcribed (ITS DNA in rRNA genes) but is not transcribed into protein ITS – intervening transcribed sequences Heterochromatin is High-Repeat DNA Heterochromatin more tightly condensed high-rep
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