PSY 001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Psych, Central Nervous System, Myelin

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Published on 13 Aug 2020
Psych 1
David Nguyen
General Psych
Spring 2018
College of the Sequoias
Conducting Psychological Research
Operational definitions
Portion of the population
Research Design
Observational Designs
Naturalistic observation
Case histories
Neurons and Behavior
Structure of the Nervous System
Cerebral Cortex and associated areas
12-15 billion neurons
balance/ movement
70 billion neurons
Spinal Cord
1 billion neurons
sending messages in the nervous system
resting potential -> action potential Nervous System Cells
Neurons: enormous amount of separate cells in your brain
Glia: support the neurons in many ways such as insulating them, synchronizing activity
among neighboring neurons, and removing waste products
smaller but more numerous than neurons
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