COM 204 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Inductive Reasoning

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An argument is viable because the evidence used to ground the claim has been tested for validity, but there is more to the viability of an argument than the validity of the evidence that supports it. The relationship between evidence and the claim it supports is established through reasoning. The reasoning process is based on recognizing common patterns of experience: reasoning is the inferential leap from grounds to claim made through the warrant. Six major forms of reasoning develop the relationship between grounds and claim. Cause: as a form of reasoning, argument from cause suggests a temporal connection between phenomena, argument from cause is based on the premise that things occur in an orderly fashion for some reason. Because the affairs of neither humanity nor nature are random, we assume we can rely on the premise, In an argument from cause, the grounds, warrant, and backing must validate the claim on the basis of their temporal connection: 1.