HRT 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Swoosh, Focus Group

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[1] is the process of getting a group to
think of unlimited ways to vary a product
or solve a problem. brainstorming
Adding additional products to an [1]
product line in order to compete more
broadly in the industry (line extension).
Brand [1] is a part of a brand that can be spoken,
including letters, words, and numbers and Brand [2]
is the elements of a brand that cannot be spoken
(e.g., Nike's "Swoosh").
Brand [1] is the value of
company and brand names. equity
'Diffusion' is the process by which
the adoption of an [1] [2]. innovation spreads
Four types of consumer products are [1]
product, [2] product, [3] product, and [4]
convenience, shopping,
specialty, unsought
The objective of [1] group interviews is to
stimulate insightful comments through
group interaction. focus
The test marketing is the [1] introduction of a
product and a marketing program to determine
the [2] of [3] customers in a market situation. limited, reactions, potential
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