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California State University - Long Beach
REC 340
G D Eloia

Seminar series sponsored by the British Psychological Society Can current theories of motivation inform practice in educational contexts? Target paper for seminar on 8 May, 2009 to be held at The Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, U.K. Goal theory and selfdetermination theory: Theory and current debates Richard Remedios (Durham University, U.K.) and Ros McLellan (Cambridge University, U.K.) Introduction to the target paper: The purpose of the first seminar in the series Can current theories of motivation inform practice in educational contexts? focuses on theory and current debates. With so many potentially useful theories, it was tempting to try and outline them all. However, we were in danger of writing a book and have therefore chosen to focus on just two main theories, Goal Theory and Deci and Ryans SelfDetermination Theory (SDT). The target paper has been split into two papers, one focusing on Goal Theory and one focusing on SDT. In both papers, we outline the main theoretical underpinnings and then highlight a few challenges that have emerged for these theories in the last few years. For those of you familiar with the theories, you may just want to read the controversies. We hope that the two papers are brief enough to serve as a useful introduction to the types of conversations we would like to encourage during the day and throughout the series as a whole but detailed enough to do justice to the finer points of the theory. 1
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