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Lecture 10

ESCI 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Smog, Stefano Boeri

Environmental Science
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Mary Poffenroth

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1. Describe the forest cities detailed in the article, in your own words.
Forest cities are skyscrapers that are covered with trees, plants, and shrubs. These forest
cities were developed by Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect. His first project was created in
Milan, but he is currently creating plans for these tree skyscrapers in China.
2. Specifically, how would more forest cities benefit China?
Forest cities would be specifically beneficial to China due to the large quantity of
pollution in China’s big cities. These “vertical forests” will take 25 tons of carbon dioxide out of
the year each year, and produce 60 kg of oxygen each day.
3. Where would you build forest cities in the United States and why?
If I were to build forest cities in the United States I would place them near Los Angeles
and New York. I would place it in Los Angeles because of the intense smog in the area. While
the smog in New York is not as bad as Los Angeles, but it is also a very big city and very
populated. Therefore, the forest cities would positively impact the most people.
4. Would you want to live in a forest city? Specially, why or why not?
I would definitely want to live in a forest city. Not only do I think I would find it soothing
and relaxing to be surrounded by so much nature, but also highly beneficial to my health. I think
living among carbon-eating, oxygen-producing machines similar to a forest while also reaping
the positive aspects of a city environment is highly convenient.
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