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Lecture 22

PSYC 205 Lecture 22: Adolescence II

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Emory University
PSYC 205
Kim Elizabeth

4-17 Adolescence II ​ 4-17 Adolescence II Announcements • Presentations next class • Final Exam nd o Tuesday, May 2 8:00-10:30am in 290 PAIS o Review sheet o Review session Monday, May 1 st2:00-3:0pm in 280 PAIS o Cumulative ▪ 2/3 is information post exam 2 ▪ 1/3 is cumulative Overview: • How is adolescence defined • Major tasks of adolescence How adolescence is defined • Begins at puberty, ends when they take on adult roles o Fuzzy because it means different things across cultures and families Major tasks of adolescence Constructing an “identity” — figuring out how you are, what you want to do, what you believe, sexual orientation and identity • Actively engaging in finding this • Identity crisis (Erikson): identity development involved a crisis; period of distress where you’re experimenting with various alternatives before settling on a set of values and goals; suggests sudden, intense upheaval of the self • More often thought of as identity is an adaptive, explorative process • Four statuses of identity (Marcia): have they 1) explored their identity and 2) reached a decision to reach a coherent sense of self o Achievement: have explored identity and reached a decision about it; someone who has actively explored identity and come to a conclusion on who they are and what they believe o Moratorium: have explored identity, but have not reached a decision yet o Foreclosure: have reached a decision about identity, but have not explored; those w
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