MAR 4156 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Total Quality Management, Non-Interventionism, Population Control

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9 Jun 2016
Chapter 3
Manifest Destiny
Monroe doctrine
Has three basic premises
oNo further European colonization in the new world
oAbstention of the United States from European political affairs
oNonintervention by European governments j the governments of the Western
Geography and global markets
Climate and topography
TQM: total quality management
Geography, nature, and economic growth
Social responsibility and environments management
Global population trends
Age level / life expectancy
Rural / urban population shifts
Population control
Population decline and aging
Worker shortage and immigration
Population control issues
Adequate incomes
High literacy levels
Education for women
Health care
Family planning
Cultural attitudes
Political reasons
Word trade routes and communication links
Knowledge about trade routes over land, sea, and air important in making marketing
The majority of world trade is among the most industrialized and industrializing
countries of Europe, North America, and Asia.
Need to be aware about communication links – the underpinning of all commerce.
Impact of the Internet revolution especially for global marketing of products.
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