MAN 3025 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Financial Statement, Income Statement, Pizza Hut

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9 Jun 2016
Page 7
1. A company that carefully evaluates its raw materials inputs is using a _______.
2. Your management info system provides managers with weakly data concerning
deviations form standards in each department. Which step in the control process
does this represent?
Comparing performance to standard
3. _______ ratios assess the ease with which the assets of the organization can be
converted into cash.
4. A(n) _______ is a financial statement that presents a picture of the organization’s
financial performance over a period of time as opposed to a single point in time.
Income statement
5. Marmot Mountain produces high equity outerwear and sleeping bags. When
distribution problems arise, it told its retailers to learn how its performance could
equal the standards the retailers wanted. Getting feedback from its retailers who
sell its products is an example of _______ control.
6. Income statements, balance sheets, and audits are examples of the control of
Financial resources
7. When problems result because performance continually exceeds standards, Quik
International Courier should _______?
Change standards
8. First time managers are largely responsible for?
Dealing directly with non management personnel
9. Setting future objectives and mapping out the activities necessary to achieve
objectives is related to?
Planning skills
10. When delegating tasks, marshaling, and allocating resources, and clarifying
procedures, which management function is being used?
Page 8
11. The best time to use written communication is when you have to exchange?
Important details
12. When the marketing director coordinates with the production director, they are
engaging in _______ communication.
13. Effective communication is determined by?
Mutual understanding between sender and receiver
14. Which of the following is an individual barrier to effective communication?
Poor listening skills
15. Research indicates that managers spend most of their time?
find more resources at
find more resources at
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