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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 ANCIENT MYTH (2.20.2013) Footnotes for CLT3378 Paper:  Sources from text are to be cited in the form of a footnote including: o Author (if known) o Title of the original source o Translator o Page/line # In that specific order from top to bottom  Reference => insert footnote => (automatic) and it works out the numbering for you  EXAMPLE: Homer, Iliad, Tr. Fagles Book 24. Line 10.  Times New Roman 12 point Descent of Ishtar  When Ishtar leaves, the goddess of love (no one in the “mood”) when she goes to the underworld, which affects humanity. The same with Demeter when she doesn’t have Persephone that her daughter is gone and causes a famine.  Ishtar is in the underworld (demands it) for no apparent reason  Ishtar seems to be up to no good; not a friendly visit; When she gets down there she is forced to remove all of her garments  Ereshkigal: (Queen of the Underworld) the usual treatment when they slowly strip everything away from you  Ishtar:  7 doorways to the Underworld (at each she has to give up some garment); She arrives nude (vulnerable to who you are)  Ereshkigal defeats Ishtar by confining her to many plagues to every part of her body; which apparently makes her shrivel up and die  Ereshkigal takes the corpse and hangs it with a nail on the wall  Ea: He creates a person (good-looks) to solve a problem; to rescue Ishtar from the Underworld  Good-looks tricks her by being a guest in her place (underworld) and his favor is a drink of water skin… Ishtar promises him that so he has to give her Ishtar. However, she in turn punishes him by saying someone has to take her place. Ishtar goes back to the world of the living and so Dumuzi is the ransom (a mortal
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