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Lecture 3

CGS 2060 Lecture 3: CGS 3Premium

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Computer Science
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Home automation devices
thermostats, sprinkling systems, security systems, vacuum systems, etc.
Anti-lock brakes, engine control modules, electronic stability control, airbag controller,
point at which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with a computer or
mobile device.
joins a cable to a port
backward compatible
USB version that supports older USB devices
port replicator
external device that provides connections to peripheral devices by connecting the port
replicator to a USB port or a special port on the mobile computer.
docking station
external device that attaches to a mobile computer or device.
NFC (near field communications)
uses close range radio signals to transmit data between two NFC-enabled devices.
surge suppressor
uses electrical components to provide a stable current flow and minimize the chances of
an over voltage.
an applied science devoted to incorporating comfort, efficiency, and safety into the
design of items in the workplace.
All-in-one desktop
This desktop does not have a tower. This desktop instead houses the screen and
system unit in the same case.
CSC - common short code
4 or 5 digit number assigned to a specific content or mobile service provider.
Peripheral device
device that can connect to a computer or mobile device to expand its capabilities.
carpal tunnel syndrome
productivity applications
can assist you in becoming more effective and efficient while performing daily activities
at work, school, and home.
reorganizing a disk so that the files are stored in continuous sectors.
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