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Lecture 8

WOH-4244 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Commissar Order, Hunger Plan, Russian WinterPremium

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Rafe Blaufarb

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Germans beat on eastern front
Lose 75% of troops here
September 1939 Hitler and Stalin signed mutual peace treaty -
Divide eastern europe between them
Followed by german and soviet invasion of poland
Not a real treaty of friendship
More a temporary marriage of convenience, suspicious truce
Hitler hates communism, bolshevism, and soviets hate fascism
Both sides heavily prepared for the inevitable clash between them
Germans strike first, invade Soviet Union
Operation Barbarossa
Surprise attack
German aim of invading
Idea of lebensraum, living space, more rich agricultural land for people of
Aryan descent
Found in southern Russia, Ukraine
Low population
Plan to invade and occupy all the way up to Ural Mts.
Germans expect to take many resources from the occupied territory
Will have food for everyone, their population will multiply
Hitler wants Baku (?) oil reserves
Nazi racial policies
Depopulation entire conquered area of its slavic pop
Russians, Ukrainians, yellow russians
Done with Hunger Plan
Take food away and let them starve to death, replaced with
german farmers
Commissar order
Kill jews and communist political officials immediately
behind the line of the german army, shoot on sight
Plans to starts invasion in May but happens in June 1941
German eventually invasion runs into russian winter
If they had been on time, it’s possible they could have been successful
Failure of german intel, underestimate soviets’ will to resist them
Military wants to head straight for Moscow, easiest way to take, direct highway
Hitler wants to go north to Leningrad, then south to Ukraine (where economic
and agricultural powers are), then Moscow (political capitol)
Main aim is to capture Soviet armies
German plan never gets settled down into clear, agreed-upon plan
Difference in opinions between Hitler and generals will continue to exist
German and allied resources in Op. Barbarossa
4 million troops - Germany, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy
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