GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 26: Food Security, Social Inequality, Demographic Transition

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Inconvenient Truths
Is it true that poverty is a result of population pressure
Measure population density
Relationship between population density and how that society is doing?
Does high population density foster poverty?
No because the graph shows that it is flat
Diagram suggests that there is no such relationship
Have high densities in Bangladesh but also in Netherlands and live very differently
Human development index vs. population growth: no general trend and certainly no
downward trend
Development of the world: population will even off, naturally tailing off,
demographic transition from low populations to acceleration to stabilization
As families become better off, birth rates tail off
This has been the historical experience of Europeans as they industrialized
Green Revolution
You can intensify growing of things with
New seed forms that were much more efficient, much more grain per unit of
green material and were bred to be resistant in wider varity of climates; focus
on wheat and rice=major grain crops
They can grow more food per acre and then hunger will fall
Based on research done in the united states
Extremely influential and successful program
Yields per acre did increase
However hunger remained a persistant feature in these societies
Wasn’t a question of buying a new package of seeds, had to adopt new
agricultural technology fertlizers, insecticides; problem= taking package in
other climates didn’t work as effectively
Second problem was that in order to use technology, land had to be put in
large units
That meant a lot of people got displaced off of lands, couldn’t compete with
richer farmers
Then lose only means of support then forced into cities
Extra food was fed to livestock, people who could afford meat ate it indirectly
Also made into alcohol and some stored
Social benefits that were supposed to come with technological benefits were
less than people expected
Is hunger a problem of population pressure or is it something more?
Weve now shifted from field based improvement that were key in the green
revolution to the gene revolution where it is all about genetically modfiing
Gene Revolution
Create more food
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