PSYCH 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Syphilis, Psych, Solanine

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7 Sep 2020
Psych 104
Social Psychology
Spring 2019
Ability to Learn Social Norms
People who learn the norms or rules of their society and follow them are more
likely to survive than people who don’t
French farmers in the 1600s thought potatoes caused “not only leprosy,
but also syphilis, narcosis…early death, sterility, and rampant
Sir Walter Raleigh introduced potatoes to Ireland and
subsequently poisoned the Queen Elizabeth I’s royal court
Why We Help: Insight From Social Exchange Theory
Helping motivated by self-interest may stem from our desire to maximize our
rewards and minimize our costs
- When helping is too costly, we don’t do it
- Rejection of true altruism
Pros and Cons of helping
Benets of Helping
- Feel good
- Avoid punishment
- Gain social approval
- Decrease distress felt when seeing someone in need
- Reciprocation of help
Costs of Helping
- Physical danger
- Pain
- Embarrassment
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