PSYCH 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, Psych, Rare Disease

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Published on 5 Oct 2020
Psych 104
Social Psych
Spring 2019
Attitudes and Behavior:
1934 study of hotels and willingness to have Chinese stay
o went with Chinese couples to see if they would be allowed to stay in the inn, and
then compared this to how they would respond if they called and asked if they
could stay there- NO RELATIONSHIP, so disconnect between attitude and
1969 meta analysis of 31 att.-beg. Studies: no relationship
o meta analysis: when you look across a whole set of studies on the same topic, and
see if there is a statistical prediction when you look across the power of all the
They found no prediction for the relationship between behavior and
Characteristics associated with higher consistency:
1. Measurement relevance
Attitude behavior
Specific specific
General general
Relevance between the specificity of the attitude and the specificity of the
behavior needs to be on the same level. If you’re measuring a very general
attitude, you need to measure a very general behavior. If you’re asking about
one’s attitude towards exercise in general, you need to allow the person to
exercise in many different ways and get their broad behavior patterns.
Example: target behavior using BC pills in next 2 years
birth control: .08
BC pills: .32
Using BC pills: .52
Using BC pills in next 2 years: .57
.57 is a strong correlation that shows a correlation between an attitude towards
using BC pills in next 2 years and actually using the pills in the next 2 years.
There was a low correlation between using birth control pills in the next 2
years and an attitude towards birth control in general.
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