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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Neorealism From Human Nature to Structure Game Theory - “The Stag Hunt” - Equilibrium outcomes define relations between nations i.e. nuclear weapon dilemma Structural Realism - Waltz o World is characterized by anarchy o There is no authority higher than the nation state  This creates a world of self-help  Self-interest o Every nation is functionally the same o Countries in the system are differentiated in terms of capabilities – no hierarchy of authority (as opposed to Morgenthau)  There is, however, a hierarchy of power  weapons, etc.  Security dilemma  If I start making weapons, she will feel unsafe and begin to make some to counter the threat – never ending cycle o Human Nature  Human nature is inherently immeasurable  There is no scientific basis for any theory of IR  Choices are constrained by the system and distribution of capabilities  Strive for power in order to achieve security; choices will be rational based on understanding of the system and capabilities  see stag hunt Debates within Realism - Defensive vs. Offensive Realism (Mershiemer) o Defensive (Waltz)  Countries want to maintain stability; will not pursue power beyond a certain threshold o Offensive (Mershiemer)  States will pursue power in increasing amounts  Will seek to become hegemon in whatever region it exists in Polarity - Bipolar world  two opposing alliance structures keeps world stable (Cold War) - Multipolar world  several interlocking alliances keep world stable until structures
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