MUS 310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Falsetto, Duane Eddy, Monument Records

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7 Feb 2017

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History of Rock and Roll 2/1
The Brill Buildig Co’t.
What the Folk?
o Audience: college-age listeners
These are the first-gen rock and rollers
o “eeed ore real tha oerial pop
o Popular through the ’s
Pete Seeger
Woody Guthrie
Advocacy for social change
o Populist character
Untutored quality of folksingers/musicians
Music by the people, for the people
Performers not above audience, but representative of it
Breaks with the norms of middle-class life
Almost anyone could play folk music
o Kingston Trio
From rural areas
arpet aggers eause they ae fro the orth ad igrated south
and their suitcases were fancier, looking like carpets
To Dooley hits # o Pop Charts i 99
Very well enunciated and whitewashed the folk tune
o Importance of album sales over singles
Album primary format for serious music jazz and classical
Suited the lofty cultural aspirations of folkies to break trends
Invention of the album plants the seed for concept albums (but this
does’t atually oe aout till the s)
o Two sides of the folk revival
Those who explored rich literature of documented folk music
Bob Dylan
Joan Baez
Commercial, pop-based acts
Kingston Trio
Peter, Paul, and Mary
^take the material but not the vocal inflection and style
These tended to be more popular than the prior
Both constructed image of authenticity and sincerity
o Similarities to Brill building pop
Rockabilly goes pop
o Brill Building influence in country music
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