PSC 2442 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pan American Health Organization, North American Free Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization

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26 Mar 2020
August 28th, 2017: Introduction
What is an International Organization?
Definition: Representatives from three or more states that are bound by formal
sales and decision making procedures directed to a common purpose.
Sometimes called a “regime”
Examples: NPI, NAFTA
International Organizations Definition: representatives from three or more states
supporting a permanent secretariat to perform ongoing tasks related to a common
purpose (bureaucracy)
Three types: IGOs which are government based, and INGOs which are non-
Transnational organizations: there is a hierarchical structure and are
centrally directed, non-governmental bureaucracies that function in more
than one state
Mapping IO Universe
One method is to map by membership x purpose. How many members they will
accept and how broad or specific their purpose is
African Union
You can also map by degree of organizational integration from informal to a
world government
Tools of IO influence
Expertise: source of expertise in their area
Independent resources: like world bank that can finance its own projects through
its investments
Organization: structure allows for influence
Moral Authority: notion of support from international authority
Tensions with Sovereignty?
Sovereignty: right and capacity of states to exercise control within their borders
Rules of organization may force countries to do something they do not
want to do
Why join an IO?
They can help solve problems that you cant individually
Interdependence: creates IOs because of shared problems that cant be fixed by
independent actors
There is a trade-off between full sovereignty and solving problems
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