PSY 197 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Psy, Procedural Knowledge, Goal Setting

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31 May 2017
PSY 197 – Lecture 14
Work Motivation
Motivation is a soft skill because it is not stable overtime
Declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge and skills are hard skills (stable)
Work motivation refers to the psychological processes that determine (or energize) the
direction, intensity, and persistence of action within the continuing stream of experiences
that characterize the person in relation to his or her work (Kanfer, 1990)
Direction: where should I put my effort into?
Intensity: how much effort should I put into?
Persistence: how long should I keep expanding my effort?
Motivation: Effort and Performance
Performance = (motivation x ability) – situational constraints
Motivation as a Mediator
Situational Factors
Personal Factors
Motivation is the moderator between these factors and:
Psychological outcomes
Behavioral outcomes – performance, OCB, CWB
Features of Work Motivation
Motivation is not directly observable
Motional varies both within and across individuals
Motivation is determined by the interplay between person and environment
Motivation explains why and how an individual allocate one’s resources toward specific
Types of Motivation
Taxonomy 1:
Approach – dedicated, persistent people
Behaviors are directed by something positive or desirable
People have higher job performance, happier in general
Avoidance – passive
Behaviors are directed by something negative or undesirable
People have lower level of job performance
People are dispositional to be avoidance or approach
Motivation was believed to be a trait, but after it was clarified that is rather a state
because people can change from approach to avoidance in a bad situation
Taxonomy 2:
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