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Lecture 5

HIS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: John Calvin, Religious War, Toleration

4 pages46 viewsFall 2016

Course Code
HIS 102

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HIS 102 Section 001
Outline of Last Lecture
I. Precondition of the Reformation
a. Economic Issues
b. Spiritual Issues
II. Martin Luther
a. 95 Theses
III. Resulting Conflicts
IV. John Calvin
V. The Council of Trent
VI. Societal Changes
Outline of Current Lecture
I. Pre-existing Conditions
a. France
b. The Netherlands
c. Bohemia
II. Thirty Years War
a. Impact on the People
b. Peace of Westphalia
c. Effects of the War
Current Lecture
Pre-Existing Conditions
oThe radical new idea that individuals might follow their own consciences in
matters of religion struck at the very foundation of European politics and social
oHostilities involved religion but had significant economic, political, and social
dimensions as well.
In France
oFrench Wars of Religion (1562-1598)
o1550  the spread of Calvinism scared the French kings.
oKings: Francis I and Henry II
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