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Ecological Environmental
o Micro = Family
o Meso = Social-cultural environment
o Exo = Human-built environment
o Macro = Macro
Perspectives on Nature and Nurture
Development = driven by nature
Development = driven by nurture
Development = part nature, part nurture
o Heritability
Degree to which different traits are influenced by genetic factors
Twin studies
Adoption studies
Family relatedness studies
Development = interplay of nature and nurture
Blastocyst, zygote, embryo, fetus
Genetic Stem Cell Research and Debate
Stem Cells: ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and changing into a
diverse range of specialized cell types
o Embryonic from blastocysts
o Adult adult tissue
Genes, Human Diversity, Genetic Counseling
Genes: direct the cells of an embryo to become a human being
No two human beings have the exact same genes
23 pairs of chromosomes = genotype
Observable characteristics = phenotype; things we have that are observable, ex. hair color
Genetic Counseling
Determine risk and, perhaps, prevention
o Down Syndrome
o Sickle Cell Anemia
o Cystic Fibrosis
o Huntington Disease
o Neurofibromatosis
o Alcoholism
o Cancer
DNA banking
o Families with genetic disorders
o For future development of genetic testing and diagnosis
o Cord blood banking
Making Babies
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