HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Umberto Eco

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15 Jun 2020
Hum 1
Introduction to Humanities
Rhetoric and Poetics in the same chapter
Rhetoric is about direct message to the audience; directing the audience
Poetics is telling a story
Rhetoric in medieval times means teaching
Poetics is study of christian literature
Simply means teaching
The christian doctrine
On christian teaching
How to teach/preach christianity
Christian literature is a different tool
Dante gives us a recipe for salvation
In all the suffering there is paradise
Pg 131
Guide allegory
Love is the only thing that can take you to paradise
Love is emphasized in christian religion
God, the son and the holy spirit
Sacrifice of jesus
Love your enemy”
Rose is also the symbol of love, let it be in sickness under a
**Umberto Eco
Italian scholar and professor
Semantics- to read the meaning of things
Best reading for medieval times
Colorful but don’t produce much
The gods are angry
Allegory used as tools to educate and uplift people morally and ethically
The point is to have impact on you and attract you to the christian doctrine
Marcus cicero
Execedual theology
The explanation, guiding people
Religious studies
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