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Lecture 1

AST-A 107 Lecture 1: Exploration 1

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Indiana University - Bloomington
AST-A 107

Exploration 1 Jupiter This is a very interesting image that at first made me think of ice cream. It looks like vanilla ice cream with caramel swirled into it, with the black dots being chocolate chips. But thats what it looks like to me, I really like the different shades of brown and the different patterns of color. I know that Jupiter is a very large planet but this picture further captures the size of it by not including the whole planet. The image itself perfectly captures all of the colors and highs and lows of the picture. I think the picture makes me think that it is close because we were able to get a picture of a section of the object and not the whole thing which would mean that its close. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy The whirlpool galaxy has a very bright bulge in the middle. The spiral ring of the galaxy looks like hot lava bring swirled around a hot star. The picture is very visually appealing because of the symmetry of the ring around the center. These different colors make me feel like it is a hot galaxy with a lot of dark matter that is taking up a lot of space. In a way the galaxy reminds me of a cracked sidewalk where the spiral ring gets cracked. I feel like the way the stars look, it looks like a small galaxy with a lot of stars because there are only two rings. Cats Eye Nebula The cats eye nebula really does perfectly remind me of a cats eye. It really looks like a very complex figure as there are many different almost shell like shaped figures around the center of the eye. The image looks like there are pulsating rings coming from the center. I love the different shades of blue and orange, the transparency adds to the mystique of the nebula. I think this nebula is cold because it is a lot bluer than there is red or orange. It seems to be a large object because it looks like it just keeps expanding.
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