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Lecture 3

AST-A 107 Lecture 3: Exploration 3

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Indiana University - Bloomington
AST-A 107

A107 The Art of Astronomy Sp 2017Name Michael LoGiurato Exploration 3: Stars Star Formation Submit online by Jan 28 Learning Goals: Students should be able to... Determine the age of a star cluster from the color of its brightest stars Identify the regions of star formation in astronomical images Describe the process of creating an image that shows locations of ionized gas in a galaxy Explain how images are used to measure the intensity of light from an astronomical source Assess the difference between broadband and narrowband images What to Hand In: This worksheet, submitted online via the Canvas assignment Part 1 Color and Temperature Cluster Name: M41 Identify the 10 brightest stars in the central region of the cluster, and estimate their temperatures using the scale on the right of the cluster image. Graph a histogram of the stars temperatures below. For the 10 stars you have identified, mark an X for each, counting the number you have at each temperature (just one X per box!). 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 x Number of Stars 3 x 2 x x x 1 x x x x x 20000 K 12000 K 10000 K 8000 K 6000 K 5500 K 4800 K 4200 K 3800 K Are most of the stars hot or cool? hot Young clusters contain young, massive, hot blue stars. As the cluster ages these stars evolve and die, leaving lower mass, cooler stars. Is your cluster YOUNG or OLD? Young 1
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