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Lecture 11

AST-A 107 Lecture 11: Exploration 11

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AST-A 107

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A107 The Art of Astronomy Fall 2016 NAME: Michael LoGiurato Exploration 10: Stellarium 1 (Oct. 2628) SECTION: Click here to enter text. Due by 9 AM on Oct. 29 (submit this form via the Canvas assignment tool) Learning Goals: Students should be able to: Interpret a graph of the brightness and color of stars in a star cluster to determine which stars are part of the cluster and which are not, and to identify the clusters main sequence of stars. Analyze measurements of brightness and color of stars in a star cluster to determine the distance to the cluster by comparing observed results to a fiducial main sequence. Estimate the uncertainty of the distance measurement What to hand in: Upload this worksheet to Canvas using the Exploration 10 assignment. Answer the questions on the worksheet and paste in your diagram showing the best fit of the fiducial main sequence to the observed data. Part 1. Evaluate whether the three stars marked on the image of M35 are likely to be members. Star A Not in cluster Star B In cluster Star C In cluster Describe I believe that star a is not in the cluster because it is faint and far away from the your center of the cluster. I believe stars b and c are because they are brighter stars reasoning that are located closer to the center of the cluster. Part 2. Evaluate whether the three stars marked in the brightnesscolor image in the Canvas assignment are likely to be members of Messier 35. Star A Not in cluster Star B In cluster Star C Not in cluster
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