GER-E 121 Lecture 3: Class notes 1.24.17

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Germanic Languages
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GER-E 121

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Class notes 12417 Dem Deutschen Volke Reichstag translates to imperial meeting place The lettering of the inscription is printed in the same style that Luther used but also modern The letters are made of bronze from captured French cannons The funding from the winning of the French war they made the French pay for the reparations The company that made the letters were middle class Jewish family, the Loevy Family Germany was declared a republic by a man who gives a speech on the Reichstag balcony Weimar Republic called the Weimar Republic was named so because it talked about Weimar When the Reichstag caught fire the fire department was too slow to catch it and then the Nazis use this to their advantage By April 1945 Berlin has been captures by the soviet army and they captured a picture of the red army flag on top of the Reichstag When Christo wrapped the Reichstag 5 million people visited the attraction over the span of two weeks, in a way the wrapping cleansed the building for the renovation In the renovation, the dome was put in and is used people can see the politicians at work Presentation Jedem Das Seinem from the inside looking out SS said they were getting something in return The Buchenwald concentration camp, was used as a labor camp but worked the people to death The Bauhaus an art school that the Nazis looked down on and called it ungerman Most people were political prisoners In this camp they used the prisoners for medical experiments
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