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Lecture 1

NUTR 395 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Fokker E.Ii, Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

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NUTR 395

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Day 1:
I. Problems
a. Loss of confidentiality is major complaint
b. Must be aware of regulations and comply with them
b.i. Will be working with client
b.ii. Care with the information you collect
a. Health insurance portability and accountability act
a.i. Aims to improve health care by making electronic records available to care
a.ii. Concerns sharing of client information in any format and maintenance of privacy
a.iii. Outlines who can access information
a.iv. Allows clients to access their own information
a.v. Set standards for diagnosis, etc
III. Dietetics Team
a. Clinical Nutrition Manager
a.i. Directs activities of whole area
b. RD
b.i. Provides nutrition care for patients
c. Dietetic Technician, Registered
c.i. Assists the RD
d. Dietetic Assistant or Clerk
d.i. Assists RD or DTR with routine tasks
IV. Health Care Team
a. Medical Doctors – MD or DO
a.i. Diagnose medical conditions
a.ii. Treat diseases and conditions
a.iii. Prescribe/advise treatment
b. Nurses
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