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Lecture 2

WRTC 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: David Foster Wallace

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Course Code
WRTC 103
David Brennan

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WRTC 103 (74119) Aug 31,2016
Class rooted in rhetoric (the art of persuasion)
o The Rhetorical Triangle
Each corner represents the 3 different parts of any
argumentive/persuasive act revolving around the purpose
in the middle of the triangle
1)Audience (PATHOS)
2)Writer (ETHOS)
3)Subject/Message (LOGOS)
This triangle falls within a irle whih is the ontext and
how the message get relayed to the audience
There is a triangle that falls within the first triangle (tone,
style, and rhetorical situation) which all depends on the
Writer, audience and message, in order to create the best
message/subject you are trying to give
ETHOS emotional how will you tug on the heart strings
to connect with the audience/ reader
LOGOS How will you guide the reader and how is it
Consider the Loster
o ETHOS on David Foster Wallace
Fairly unbiased which is effective when trying to convince
the audience
He has lived through the experience, first hand experience
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