CRJU 3300 Lecture 8: 2-7 Chapter 4

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7 Feb 2017

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Criminal Courts
Chapter 4 In-Class Notes
Chief presiding judges- judges that have seniority/ experience; assign cases to other judges;
ensure that the law is being followed within the courthouse; dealing with the budgets and case
assignments and personnel matters.
Administrators- if the courts are too big for a judge to take care of administrative tasks,
an administrator (does not require law degree) may be hired to take care of tasks such
as the budget and personnel, etc.
“oe states hae judges that are ot legally traied, ut these judges usually perfor
mediation/ referee type tasks more than ruling on cases. Note the danger in using untrained
judges. Although this can still happen, it is becoming increasingly less common as more and
more judges are required to have a law degree to preside over all types of cases.
Judges represent- order; soiety’s alues iterpretig the Costitutio, et.; symbol of how
our society values our judicial system.
In the adversarial situation, the judge acts as the mediator that keeps the dispute civil.
Note the effect of case precedent in deciding issues where no official laws are in place.
Accountability vs Independence:
Accountability- you do’t at a judge eig held aoutale y a political party.
Federal judges hae lifetie appoitets you a’t get rid of a fed judge just eause you
do’t like their ruligs.
Judge Selection:
Federal (Article 3)-Appointed by President and confirmed by Senate; Life time
appointments (Can only be removed by impeachment, death, resignation, and
Magistrate judges have 8 year terms and are appointed by district judges and
may be full or part time.
State- Elected (partisan- party affiliation or nonpartisan- no party affiliation); 6 year
terms; Note that state judges have a stronger impact on your daily life than the federal
judges do, but less people are concerned with electing these individuals.
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