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Lecture 1

BIOL 1201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Scientific Method, Autotroph, Anaerobic RespirationPremium

Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1201
Moroney, James

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BIOL 1201- Lecture 1- Science
Natural explanations for observable events developed by use of the scientific method
Scientific Method:
1. Observation
2. Hypothesis
3. Test Hypothesis
4. Conclusion
Observation: A girl and a guy sit next to each other in an empty movie theatre.
Hypothesis: they are: friends, dating, relatives, or strangers and the guy is a creep.
Test Hypothesis: throw popcorn, flirt with one to see reaction, turn movie off.
Conclusion: findings of experiment
Diversity and Classification of Organism:
Important Characteristics:
oProkaryotic vs. Eukaryotic
Prokaryotic: lack nucleus, other organelles, small (1-10 micrometers)
Eukaryotic: DNA packaged in nucleus, possess other organelles such as
mitochondria. Large (10-100 micrometers)
oAerobic vs. Anaerobic metabolism
Aerobic: cells require oxygen to break down compounds and produce
Anaerobic: cells break down compounds and produce energy in the
absence of oxygen
oAutotrophic vs. Heterotrophic feeding
Autotrophic: produce energy from chemical energy source, primarily by
Heterotrophic: produce energy from autotrophic organisms
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