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Lecture 1

MC 2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Deseret News, Buzzfeed, Crowdsourcing

Mass Communication
Course Code
MC 2000

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MC2000 2/3/16
What is news?
I.M. V.A.I.N. Remember this!
I Independent Are there independent sources of what
you’re reading
M Multiple sources?
V Verifiable? Gossip and rumors cannot be verified
A Authoritative? Are you taking the word of an expert, a
document, or a report?
I Informed? Is that authoritative source informed, or is
that old information?
N Name?
Timely information of some public interest that is shared
and subject to a journalistic process of verification, and
for which an independent individual or organization is
Who is a journalist?
“…public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice
and the foundation of democracy. Seeking truth and
providing a fair and comprehensive account of events
and issues”
Code of Ethics
o Seek truth and report it
o Minimize harm
o Act independently
o Be accountable
Crowd sourcing now that everyone basically has a
camera in their pocket (their phone), you can be a
journalist too.
What makes journalism different? Verification
process that establishes or confirms the accuracy or
truth of something.
Million in US Drink Dirty Water, Records Show
o The New York Times has compiled and analyzed
million of records from water systems and
regulators around the nation.
What makes news different?
Independence freedom from the control, influence or
support of interested parties, coupled with a
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find more resources at
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