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ZOO 3733C Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sickle-Cell Disease, Pyelonephritis, Gluten

Abdominal cavity: 4 important cavities within the body: the cranium, the thoracic, the abdomen + the pelvic cavity The abdomen, is the largest cavity that has a lot of flat sheet like muscles with aponeurosis. Fascia aid ...

ZOO 3733C
Mohtashem Samsam
COM 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Microsoft Powerpoint, Pathos, Baler

11/5/15 Delivery Styles o Manuscript Speech – read word for word from a paper, boring o Memorized – memorize speech word for word o Impromptu – a speech presented with little or no significant...

COM 1000
Steven Neel
ZOO 3733C Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Septum Primum, Superior Epigastric Artery, Subcostalis Muscle

Phospholipids • The most abundant lipids in the plasma membrane • The heads are hydrophilic • Fatty acid Tails are hydrophobic (line up in the center of the membrane) Membrane Proteins: • Integral Pr...

ZOO 3733C
Mohtashem Samsam
ZOO 3733C Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Linea Aspera, Autoamputation, Deep Artery Of The Thigh

Introduction to Anatomy / Introduction to Bones and Muscles Human anatomy (aka morphology) – study of the structure of the human body, closely related to physiology which is the study of the system and body function Gro...

ZOO 3733C
Mohtashem Samsam
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